Sunday, January 27, 2013

Customer Referral Program

We have a great new customer referral program that we're excited to announce!
Now, when you refer someone to The Momma Meal-Maker, you get HALF OFF your next Prepared Meal Kit package.
That means you get 6 meals planned, shopped for, and prepped for only $50!
But that's not all! New referrals get a great introductory rate on all services!
Personalized Meal Plans are only $15.
Grocery Shopping for you is only $70.
And Prepared Meal Kits are only $80.
So tell your friends about this great offer, and save on your next Prepared Meal Kit package as well!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Simplified Set up

To make things more simplified, we've done away with the previous packages and are now offering special personalized meal plans to all clients! Now you no longer have to decided between time-crunch meals or eatin'cheap plans. All plans are the same set price, no matter how gourmet your tastes may be!
Also simplified, Grocery Shopping for You and Prepared Meal Kits are one set price, regardless of grocery cost. All of this to make your meal planning and preparation that much easier.
So check out our new Services Offered tab for more information!