Services Offered

Personalized Meal Planning ($25 for 6 meals)
A personalized meal plan includes 6 full dinner meals planned. All meals are designed to meet your family's particular likes and dislikes, how much time you have to cook, and your cooking experience level. If you're just looking for something to supplement your regular meals, you can have your meal plans split between two weeks so you get three meals planned for you each week. Special requests are encouraged. The meal planning is personalized to you.

Grocery Shopping for You  ($85 for 6 meals, includes Personalized Meal Plan)
To save you the time of buying each week's ingredients for your planned meals, The Momma Meal-Maker will purchase your shopping list items for you. Service is offered on a week-by-week basis. Cost includes price of groceries and the cost of your meal plan package, for a family of four. An $5 fee is required for each additional person.

Prepared Meal Kits ($100 for 4 or less)
If you really need to save on time, The Momma Meal-Maker will not only go buy your meal ingredients for you but will also do all of the preparation work necessary with the groceries purchased. This means you don't have to worry about the slicing and dicing, shredding and chopping, marinating and measuring. It will all be put together into a kit for you to pull out when you're ready to put your meal together. Cost includes the price of groceries and the cost of your meal plan package, for a family of four. A $5 fee is required for each additional person.

Side-by-side instruction ($10/hour)
If there is a dish or meal you're yearning to learn how to make, Momma will not only plan it into your weekly menu, she will also take the time to show you how to make it. Not sure how to make a well-caramelized onion to top your steak? Want to make a flaky, tender pie crust for your chicken pot pie, but don't know how? Yearning to make your own candy or donuts? Have The Momma Meal-Maker show you her secrets.

NEW! Small Event Food Planning ($30)
When you're hosting a special event but don't know where to start, let Momma plan your food for you! From dinner parties to bridal showers, Thanksgiving dinner to anniversary parties, Momma's got experience with it all. Let her worry about the food planning while you manage the other details of the event!

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