Based on the idea that meals should be healthy while appetizing, The Momma Meal-Maker is passionate about making meal-plans that fit the needs of individual families. Starting with her own family she developed a system for creating meals that are balanced and appealing at the same time.

Have her do the same for your family. She will meet with you in your home to find out what you want out of your meals and how you want to make them. She even takes inventory of your food on hand to see what can be planned into your menu to save you money on your grocery bill. Striving to adhere to the guidelines set by the United States Department of Agriculture for healthy eating, The Momma Meal-Maker will create a personalized dinner plan for your family.  The Momma Meal-Maker regularly consults with a registered dietician, and often confers with an experienced home economist.
With each week's dinner plan you will receive a packet containing (1)an at-a-glance calendar of your meals for the week, (2)a shopping list of ingredients for your meals, and (3)instructions and recipes for each day's meals. The Momma Meal-Maker will create a plan just for your family's needs. She can also shop for your needed ingredients and prepare them so they're all set and ready to go when you're ready to cook. If you don't have time for weekly meal-planning, or just don't enjoy it, The Momma Meal-Maker is the solution!

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